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2020 has been a year. The global pandemic has created new problems in our world and brought into the daylight some of the problems that were hidden in the shadows. One of these hidden problems was just how fragile our systems are that care for those on the margins. With this year’s bump in unemployment, more people than ever have found themselves not knowing where their next meal will come from.
Some of these people are your neighbors, and many of these neighbors are children. That’s why, Roots & Branches (a small church in Anoka, MN) is raising money to help feed our neighbors who are students at Wilson Elementary School. Last year, we started a partnership with Sheridan Story, a local organization that connects churches and other businesses with schools to provide food over the weekend for children in food insecure families. Sheridan Story predicts that the need at Wilson will nearly double this year – from 33 to 60 students. At a cost of $250 per student for the year, this is a big expense to bear for a small church like Roots & Branches.

Click on the image below to donate now and help families in our community dealing with food insecurity this season.

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