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Now that Roots & Branches has settled into our new home with our new name and our new structure, there’s a real temptation to kick back and let things slide for a while. The reality, however, is that this next stage in our life together as a faith family will require just as much energy as the move, but it’s just a different kind of energy. Now is the time when we can unpack all the grand plans we had for loving our neighbors and connecting with our community.  But that doesn’t happen on its own.
It’s going to take a renewed commitment from each of us to become the church that we long to be.
That’s why the challenge we’re taking on this year is called…


We’re encouraging each person at Roots & Branches
to take on at least one of these growth steps as we start the year 2020.
Here’s a little more about what that means:

STEP IN – If you’ve never made a financial pledge to this church before, now is a perfect time! Express your love for God and for this unique faith community by making a regular commitment to give in any amount.

STEP UP – If you’ve already been pledging financially and you’re inspired by the new and important ways Roots & Branches has been expanding its ministry, help us do more by increasing your pledged giving. Even a 10% increase in your pledge will make a big difference.

STEP OUT – We’ve always been active in the community, but we’ve taken it to another level. It’s time to put yourself out there and join in one of the ongoing ministries of R&B. Helping with Servant Sunday preparations or making Freezer Meals would be great places to start. We also need helpers in Children’s Church, Nursery, and providing Sunday morning hospitality. Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll be in touch!

Complete your pledge card right here!

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